X-Acto Vacuum Mount Pencil Sharpener

X-Acto have been providing precision cutting excellence for over 90 years.
The sleek design of the KS Vacuum Mounted Pencil Sharpener features the X-Acto dual hardened helical cutters which guarantee a superior cut to many single blade sharpeners. The 8 hole dial pencil selector provides versatility across your pencil range and a large shavings receptacle gives you more drawing time.
X-Acto Vacuum Mount Pencil Sharpener

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This sharpener is made of Die-Cast metal and can be locked onto any non-porous surface for ease and convenience by a vacuum mounting system. For more permanent placement it may be screwed to the working surface using the supplied screws. This is a manual sharpener via a sturdy crank handle and has a 2 year warranty.