Wolffs Carbon Pencil

The carbon pencil is the perfect combination of charcoal, graphite and watersoluble. It has a fine grain, and goes on smoothly and precisely in rich, velvety, matte black lines. Carbon pencils have a consistent softness, for superior blending and texture and produce beautifully rich black washes with water. The 5 mm core is encased within a natural cedar wood barrel, making the pencils easy to use, and easy to sharpen for detail work. They are available in four degrees of hardness — B (hardest), 2B, 4B, or 6B (softest).

Wolffs Carbon Pencil
Wolffs Carbon Pencil Wolffs Carbon Pencil


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These pencils are watersoluble and create the most stunning rich black washes that mimic ink. Play with these with water and they are guaranteed to inspire you.