St. Armand Canal Pad

The Canal Paper pad range features handmade rag paper available in 5 beautiful colour variations (White - Warm White - Tan - Grey - Black) in a range of 4 unique sizes. Each of the 30 sheets exhibits a single torn leading edge which adds to the beauty of the pad and the surface of the paper has a subtle medium texture.
It is perfect for any graphic medium including pencil, pastel and charcoal.
This Handmade Paper is imported exclusively by us to compliment our huge paper range and offer the most diverse and exciting surface choices for the creative needs of our customers.
St. Armand Canal Pad
St. Armand Canal Pad St. Armand Canal Pad St. Armand Canal Pad St. Armand Canal Pad St. Armand Canal Pad St. Armand Canal Pad St. Armand Canal Pad



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The Canal Paper surface has a beautifully unique quality that is perfect for charcoal, pastel and graphite work that requires an expressive feel and openness in the shadow tones and lines. Dark masses glow with the underlying texture allowing the core colour of the paper to shine through the marks.


The Saint-Armand paper mill was established in 1979 in Montreal Canada and specialises in manufacturing Archival Handmade Papers and machine-made uniquely textured Canal Papers. They also manufacture beautiful handmade pads and sketchbooks that are a delight to use containing handmade rag watercolour paper, traditional laid paper and Canal paper.

The Saint-Armand handmade papers are made one sheet at a time following traditional methods and each sheet has 4 deckled edges with no grain direction. They are used by artists for watercolour, pastel, acrylic paint, and printmaking with Art Restorers prizing the paper for documents repairs. Limited Edition Printers love the textures for crispness of type and Bookbinders appreciate their strength.