Solvent 75 by Langridge

This is the buzz in low toxicity circles. SOLVENT 75 is the lowest toxicity solvent available. Plus, it is rated SAFE for SHIPPING via air, marine and road transport. Great for travelling and purchasing online. Unlike other artist's solvents which cannot be taken on a plane, Solvent 75 is the perfect solution for when you want to travel and take your solvent with you. Introduced to replace existing artists' solvents for use as a diluent and solvent of oil colours, its other benefits include, it dramatically reduces respiratory exposure to harmful solvents, markedly decreases or removes issues of skin irritation, leaves no residue after evaporation. Available in a variety of sizes.

Solvent 75 by Langridge


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Extra Information

Breathe easy with reduced toxicity So safe you can take it on your travels by air, sea and road! Lowest toxicity art solvent available, recommended for a safer studio environment. Solvent 75 is constructed from 100% pure, highly refined, odourless mineral spirits (OMS) with a Permissible Exposure Level of 300 ppm. With a flashpoint of 75 degrees Celsius (from which the product gets its name) Solvent 75 is not classified as Dangerous Goods and can be legally shipped by air, marine and road transport. Highly refined odourless mineral spirits (OMS). 100% purity. Alternative to traditional artists’ solvents reducing exposure to the more harmful compounds associated with turpentine and general petroleum distillates that contain acetone & toluene. Completely odourless. Leaves no residue after evaporation. To be used as a diluent when used in small quantities with oil colours. Langridge Solvent 75 may be added to oil colours, drying oils and oil mediums in small quantities, used to clean dried paint films and to clean brushes and painting equipment. Solvent 75 can be added to artists’ drying oils to add extra fluidity. Extreme care should be taken, however, in diluting purely with solvent as its over-use, like all artist’s solvents, can easily under-bind paint and lead to a dull, dry lifeless film with potential for dusting or flaking off. Artists wishing to create very fluid working qualities should refer to painting mediums constructed for that purpose. Solvent 75 has a low solvent action (KB value) making it a highly useful for gentle removal of surface dirt from paint films (Langridge does not recommend thorough cleaning, including varnish removal, of artworks except by a trained conservator.). Because of its construction, Langridge Solvent 75 cannot be used for the home manufacture of artists’ varnishes (natural or synthetic). Damar resin cannot be dissolved in Langridge Solvent 75 or any petroleum distillate. For cleaning brushes Langridge recommends the use of brush cleaning units or containers which have an airtight lid. Reducing exposure to solvent fumes is to advised at all times as well as preventing evaporation of solvent in the container.