Scratchbord 1/8in

The professional's choice! Scratchbord has a smooth, absorbent kaolin clay ground that is evenly coated with India ink. Scratch easily with controlled, crisp, clean lines to create exquisitely detailed white-on-black art. Scratchbord is acid-free and archival, and will not tear, crack, or bend. Use Scratchbord tools and accessories for best results.
Scratchbord 1/8in
Scratchbord 1/8in Scratchbord 1/8in Scratchbord 1/8in


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Seal your finished work with spray fixative to dissolve fingerprints or smudges — then frame it without glass! Available in 1/8" (3 mm) thick panels. Ampersand's Museum Panels — There is a Difference! Ampersand's patented Archiva-seal technology means panels are: acid-free, eliminate support-induced discoloration, and are tested to last 200 years. Patented coatings designed so that paint colors remain true and brilliant. Made with premium hardboard for a warp-resistant panel. Endorsed by conservators and enjoyed by professional artists worldwide.