Schmincke Linol aqua-LINOPRINT Gold

These high-quality, waterbased linoprint inks from Schmincke are easy to apply because of optimal open times. Aqua Linoprint Inks create sharp prints that dry quickly, becoming wipe-resistant after approximately 15 minutes. Because of their smooth, fluid consistency, Schmincke Aqua Linoprint colors can easily be applied on a variety of surfaces such as paper, felt, and cardboard. They are also suitable for wood engraving.
Schmincke Linol aqua-LINOPRINT Gold


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The line includes 15 brilliant shades as well as three metallic colors. Manufactured with natural binders such as gum arabic, as well as organic and inorganic pigments, Aqua Linoprint Inks offer maximum lightfastness and excellent intensity (especially Ivory Black). All colors are highly intermixable and can be diluted with water. Colors can be overprinted with other colors. Printing blocks and working tools are easy to clean up with water.