Pozzuoli Earth Schmincke Pastel

Pozzuoli Earth Schmincke Pastel



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Unmatched in their softness and consistency, Schmincke soft pastels are created using the finest artist's pigments and a minimum of binders. The softness of the pastels permits a beautiful dense application with pure pigment gliding off the pastel without crumbling or breaking. These pastels are handmade and hand labelled to prevent damage. One of the world’s most prized pastel ranges with a range of 400 colours, shades and tints. Schmincke Pastels measure a generous 67 x 11mm in dimension and offer 55 pure colours, each of them available as a pure colour (D), or in gradations with Black (B) and White (H, M, O):B — Black gradation with a color.D — Pure color, no added black or white.H — White gradation with a color.M — Gradation with more white.O — Gradation with still more white.



This is a very fragile product and we take all care to ensure that it arrives in good condition with protective bubble wrap and packaging.