Pastelbord 1/8in

Because Pastelbord’s unique surface is a hand-applied kaolin clay ground textured with fine marble dust granules, it can hold more pastel layers than any other surface. Pastelbord is perfect for soft or oil pastels and pastel pencils — colors go on smooth, blend beautifully and stay rich and vibrant in both wet and dry pastel paintings. Or paint on Pastelbord to achieve amazing results with acrylics, oils, watercolors, gouache, charcoal, and more. White Pastelbord panels can easily be hand-tinted using thin washes of gouache or acrylics.
Pastelbord 1/8in
Pastelbord 1/8in Pastelbord 1/8in Pastelbord 1/8in Pastelbord 1/8in Pastelbord 1/8in


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Ampersand’s Museum Panels — There is a Difference! Ampersand’s patented Archiva-seal technology means panels are: acid-free, eliminate support-induced discoloration, and are tested to last 200 years. Patented coatings designed so that paint colors remain true and brilliant. Made with premium hardboard for a warp-resistant panel. Made in the USA. Colored Pastelbord Assortment — Package of four panels, 5" × 7" (13 cm × 18 cm) with one of each color: Gray, Dark Green, Sand, and White.