No.330 Japanese Iken Charcoal - Alder

The IKEN range of charcoal sticks are a long awaited addition to the usual willow and compressed varieties. Featuring unique timbers and quality of production they broaden the creative potential of this simplest of artist tools.

The Alder timber is a truly unique charcoal in this range and displays the true variety of charcoal types available from IKEN. The Alder variety has a slight ‘waxy feel‘ (although not having any wax ingredient) which seems to slightly hold back the mark on the page. In testing it became apparent that this effect is useful for fleshing out a creative idea or lighting effect with light pressure. The tonal range range lends itself to silvery greys with the darkest tone more like a dark grey. Our tests were performed on Canson C.A.Grain 220gsm.

Each stick measures approximately 5mm in width 160mm in length and is surprisingly straight for a natural product. They are sold as a packet of 3 sticks.
No.330 Japanese Iken Charcoal - Alder

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