Welcome to the MUSEO ALU-Frame Assembly Video Collection

Below is the complete range of instructional videos that will graphically show you how to assemble your MUSEO Aluminium Stretchers including the Aluminium Bracing and Hanging Wire attachment.

This first video demonstrates the complete process of assembly as well as stretching your canvas on the MUSEO stretcher frame.

Assembling the corners:


Fitting the Brace Support Connectors:


 Fitting the Heavy Duty Hanger:


Fitting the Corner Angle Supports:


Fitting the 25mm and 45mm Aluminium Stretcher Bar Extenders:

Fitting the Brace Support Connectors to you Aluminium Stretcher Bars:

Fitting the Cross Brace Connectors:


Securing your hanging wire using Set 9:


Using the the Allen Key Tool:


MUSEO Aluminium Stretching System Introductory video: