Museo Aluminium Stretcher Pair 45mm

The Museo ALU Frame Stretcher System is lighter in weight than heavy duty wood stretcher bars yet more stable and warp free. They provide a crisp edge, true-to-square system that is truly revolutionary in construction. Crafted from durable aluminium, the Museo stretchers are edged with Norwegian spruce to provide a smooth, clean stretching bead, allowing ample room to back staple or nail your selected canvas or linen (with no edge ghosting). Cross bars can be added at any time without disassembly and a revolutionary 6 inch (15cm) Extender Bar allows for making virtually any stretcher bar size up to 150 inch, which combined with cross bracing, becomes completely dimensionally stable. Available in profile depths of 25mm and 45mm it offers great versatility for both framed and frameless artwork. Order your stretcher bars and bracing as normal along with a Stretcher Assembly Kit and or Brace Kit for quick assembly.

Museo Aluminium Stretcher Pair 45mm
Museo Aluminium Stretcher Pair 45mm Museo Aluminium Stretcher Pair 45mm Museo Aluminium Stretcher Pair 45mm Museo Aluminium Stretcher Pair 45mm Museo Aluminium Stretcher Pair 45mm


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The Museo ALU Frame Stretcher System is a truly revolutionary product with the options it affords artists, especially those who ship larger work to galleries, collectors, & clients. It is designed for the professional artist trying to meet strict gallery & museum stretcher recommendations, the professional that works in large sizes (that would normally warp & bend), or artists seeking to step up their game to the best, most high tech stretchers available. Given the chosen painting surface speaks volumes about the seriousness as an artist, the Museo ALU Frame System will have your works museum-ready from the start, with no need to re-stretch from sub-standard wood or warped & bowed existing frames. The system not only allows for tightening if needed with the Spanner hardware, but easily breaks down so that artwork can be rolled & tubed, with stretchers placed in a separate tube for ease of shipping. Note: Stretcher bars are offered in pre-cut sizes however any size can be ordered by contacting us with your specifications. Assembly Hardware is required which is sold separately.



This product is available in oversize lengths and some ordered dimensions may exceed normal freight conditions. We may need to contact you independantly for accurate shipping quotation.