Mabef M04 Studio Easel

Stable and sturdy, The MABEF M-04 Studio Easel is both elegant and functional. Made from imported oiled beech wood and crafted in the finest tradition of Italian woodworking. The crank adjusts the height of the working area, and also allows control over canvas elevation. Customize the angle of painting simply by adjusting two large brass nuts. The easel’s specially designed utility tray provides two side storage drawers for brushes and paints, and features a sturdy base supported by four casters and leveling bolts for easy movement and safe use. When extended to its full 120 inches, this easel can accommodate canvas height up to 92 inches. Storage height measures 81 inches.
Mabef M04 Studio Easel



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For over 60 years, considerable experience and innovation in the fine arts has allowed MABEF to perfect easels for different painting styles, but more importantly satisfy the needs of the most demanding artists. MABEF’S state-of-the-art construction techniques, guarantee the quality and consistency of production, while master craftsmanship results in easels with unparalleled function and aesthetic qualities.

MATERIALS MABEF Easels and accessories are constructed using solid beech wood. Beech wood is the best choice for an artist easel because it is a dense, yet light-weight, wood with a very high degree of consistency and uniformity. Because there are no soft and hard grains in the same piece of beech wood, your easel will not warp or splinter over time; and because beech wood only contains trace amounts of tannin, the wood takes on beautiful, slightly rosé color. Properly cared for, your MABEF easel will last a lifetime, reducing the overall cost of ownership.

DESIGN Every MABEF easel is designed with the artist in mind. Great care and thought goes into each design, with emphasis on ease of use during painting. An artist easel should be quickly and easily adjusted with a minimal fluid effort, so as to not distract the artist from their creative pursuits. MABEF easels use simple and durable ratchet or crank mechanisms to adjust canvas height. Both these mechanisms are very intuitive and easy to use. Larger studio easels feature locking castors and leveling bolts for mobility, but also stability and safety as well. All hardware, including springs, screws and plates, are placed so as to avoid friction on any moving parts.