L7 L53U Artfix Acrylic Primed Linen

ArtFix’s “U” style’s carefully formulated acrylic universal priming emulates many characteristics of oil-based primers, but maintains the durability and elasticity of acrylic priming. Unlike glossy acrylic primers, the surface is more matte and a bit more absorbent to promote exceptional adhesion to a variety of media.


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Excellent for works in oils, acrylics, and even drawing media (oil stick, pastels, charcoal, graphite), due to the absorbent surface. When mounted to a stiff surface, even brittle media like egg tempera and caseins work beautifully on the universal primed surface and smooth polyester texture.

Polyester is a modern surface solution for the professional painter. Standing apart from its linen and cotton counterparts, it isn’t affected by moisture and experiences less temperature related expansion and contraction than cotton or linen endure. Perfect for painters in humid areas. Its synthetic nature creates a stable and chemically compatible environment. Polyester is now used by art conservators for relining old delicate canvases, as a result.