Claybord Cradled 1.5in

The ultimate mixed media panel! Archival and acid-free, Claybord is created by applying Ampersand's patented, archival kaolin clay ground to a True Artist Hardbord substrate, then sanding it to a velvet-smooth, absorbent finish. Claybord is ideal for ink, watercolor, gouache, acrylic, casein, egg tempera, airbrush color, collage, photo-transfer, pencil, and pen. The highly responsive surface is perfect for thinly applying and removing colors. You can even scratch through it to add contrast, texture, and fine details. Paint colors remain true and brilliant.
Claybord Cradled 1.5in
Claybord Cradled 1.5in Claybord Cradled 1.5in Claybord Cradled 1.5in Claybord Cradled 1.5in



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Made from sustainable forest products that ensure the protection of wildlife, plants, soil, and water, Claybord is formaldehyde-free and contains no harmful volatile organic compounds. Choose flat panels or cradled panels in a variety of sizes and profiles. Cradled panels allow you to hang your work with no additional framing. The edges are smoothly sanded and ready to be finished if desired.