Chelsea Classic Lavender Brush Cleaner

CCS Lavender Brush Cleanerâ„¢ is a safer, natural alternative to turpentine, petroleum mineral spirits and other toxic solvents. Made from 100% natural distilled fruits and flowers, featuring lavender used in aromatherapy and other therapeutic holistic practices. Use it to clean paint from brushes while painting, and to thoroughly clean brushes after painting.
Chelsea Classic Lavender Brush Cleaner


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Made by artists for artists the Chelsea Classical Studio range of mediums, varnishes, solvents and brush cleaning solutions, features a commitment to historical techniques providing the purest and safest options for artists. Environmentally and artist-friendly, no harsh chemicals are used in their production no petroleum, no turpentine and most importantly there are no dangerous carcinogenic fumes. Explore the range below and make a difference in your creative environment for clearer brighter colours and the obvious benefits of a toxic-free painting environment.