Belle Arti Gesso Panel

These are beautiful painting panels hand crafted in Italy with an air of 'tradition' about them. They have a highly smooth gesso surface that is perfect for both painterly expressive brushmarks and fine detail. Truly versatile the absorbency of the smooth surface lends itself to a broad variety of mediums. The 7mm thick wooden base is poplar multi-ply which makes it stable, lightweight and they are perfect for frame-less mounting or look stunning floated in a box frame. The possibilities are endless. Each board is individually shrink wrapped for protection.
Belle Arti Gesso Panel



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Artist Advise:

The smooth absorbent surface lends itself to use with a variety of mediums. They have been used with many mediums including oil, acrylic, ink, pencil, watercolour, gouache, encaustic paint, paintstick and many others. Made with acrylic gesso these ultra-smooth boards are very absorbent and you may wish to use extra oil in your oil paint. They will accept your paint beautifully and provide a delightfully smooth brushing surface For Egg Tempera work they may not be absorbent enough which usually needs traditional gesso (homemade with rabbit skin glue and whiting). If the surface isn't absorbent enough the egg tempera paint may lift off the first layer when you apply a second glaze. We would recommend adding another 2 coats of traditional gesso and you would have a perfect surface.