About Parkers Sydney Fine Art Supplies

The story of Parkers Sydney Fine Art Supplies starts with Sydney Albert Parker when he purchased Tesla Framing Works in 1917. In 1920 the company was renamed SA Parker Framing Works. This was soon to become the leading framers in Sydney. SA Parker provided many quality frames to the artists and galleries of Sydney. Parkers worked with artists like George W. Lambert, Hans Heyson, Grace Cossington-Smith and Margaret Preston; many of these framed works still hang in the Art Gallery of New South Wales. The Art Gallery of NSW published a book about Parkers’ history After the Parker family made a donation of historical records and photographs. SA Parker Pty. Ltd was renamed Parker Galleries where the Parkers family framed and displayed art of some of Sydney's prominent Australian artists. The company slowly started to expand, supplying not just framing but linens, paint and art materials. After just a few years it became the destination store for many Sydney artists. At this stage many of the Parkers family worked for the business.

The next step for the family was Parkers Sydney Fine Art Supplies, concentrating on the art materials and framing and closing the gallery. Derek Parker (the current owner) and his uncle Lindsay Parker expanded the business, sourcing material and supplies from all around the world. Derek became the sole owner of Parkers Sydney Fine Art Supplies after Lindsay passed away. Derek has always wanted to have the biggest and most diverse range in Australia and this is what Parkers Sydney Fine Art Supplies is known for today. The Parkers family business has been in the Rocks precinct in NSW since 1918, starting in George Street, later followed by Argyle and Harrington street and then 3 Cambridge street, where they are still serving artists today.

In 2006 Parkers decided to expand to Redfern, opening the ‘Parkers Framing Works’ where they do all their framing and large-scale stretching as well as offering a small selection of art materials. With a demand for art materials in East Sydney, opportunity arose for Parkers to open a new store in Darlinghurst on the grounds of the National Art School. With a shared history and a respect for tradition, it was an ideal symbiosis. Here, both students and the public are able to browse a select range.

From 1918 until today, Parkers Sydney Fine Art Supplies is still owned and run by members of the Parker family, providing quality art supplies to Australian artists.