995 Parkers Brislon Long Flat Synthetic

Responding to the requests of our customers we have created the BRISLON synthetic brush. This brush features a beautifully supple synthetic filament with a soft yet responsive feel that applies the paint with control and sensitivity. The brush form holds it’s shape while loaded with paint and even after countless painting sessions and vigorous clean ups it stands the trials of the creative artists.
A worthy alternative to your natural hair brushes especially if you are requiring consistent and controlled mark making.
Available in 4 Brush head shapes – Filbert, Flat, Bright, Round, Fan, Angular and Varnish.
995 Parkers Brislon Long Flat Synthetic
995 Parkers Brislon Long Flat Synthetic 995 Parkers Brislon Long Flat Synthetic



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As a traditional realist artist I have a long established love affair with the venerable hog hair brush. However recently I have been tempted to experiment with new experiences in mark making to explore some different perspectives on my creativity. The NEW Parkers Brislon brush range attracted my attention and have proven worthy of mentioning here. I am trialling both the flat and filbert shapes which have always been my preferred tip shape. However I am curious at some stage to test the round style. The sizes selected were 3, 6, and 8. The filaments have a beautifully supple feel to the touch and more importantly this feeling flows through to paint application. They feel good on the palette and mix well but come into their own when you apply the paint. They have a soft yet responsive feel and applied the paint with control and sensitivity.

A big gripe of mine regarding synthetic hairs in comparison to natural hairs has always been that they tend to sharpen up and leave entry points in the painted areas unlike the broad tip of the natural filbert for example. I have always steered away from them for just such a reasoHowever with the NEW Parkers Brislon brush range this gripe is now a distant memory. I have a terrible habit of saying I'll wash those brushes later after a cuppa and two or three days later they are still calling me. Thankfully they are still wrapped in glad wrap in the fridge which retards the drying time of the paint however even this has a use by date. I was quietly chuffed that even after such a torrid disrespect for the value of a brush the Parkers Brislon filaments responded well to the cleaning and retained that suppleness that drew me to them in the first place. I hope you find these brushes a joy to use and even dare I say it wash up as I have!

Reproduced here by kind permission of Warwick Deane - Fine Artist From his Studio Snippets Art Blog at www.warwickdeane.com

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