7010 Old Holland Super Soft Bristle - Round

Specially constructed to the exacting specifications of the world’s premier paint manufacturer these classic quality bristle brushes not only look beautiful but perform to the highest standard as you would expect from a brush bearing the Old Holland name. Each brush is handmade using only the finest Chunking bristle, interlocked for shape retention and flagged for superior paint carrying capacity. Mounted on perfectly balanced lacquered burgundy hardwood handles with gold tone seamless ferrules these brushes are the perfect match for Old Holland and other premium quality oils and acrylics.
7010 Old Holland Super Soft Bristle - Round
7010 Old Holland Super Soft Bristle - Round 7010 Old Holland Super Soft Bristle - Round 7010 Old Holland Super Soft Bristle - Round 7010 Old Holland Super Soft Bristle - Round


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  • The Super Soft Hog Old Holland brush range, to be honest, doesn't stand out at first glance, compared to other brands. However it is when you start to use them that you experience the difference that I have grown to love about them. They really do perform and impart a beautiful painterly feel to your mark making especially with oil paint. They are certainly a perfect complement and extension to the bodied texture of Old Holland Classic Colour.
  • The larger than normal belly to the handle perfectly separates the brushes in your hand when standing at the easel with a fist full of brushes, keeping colours clean and unadulterated.Possibly the most exciting feature for me was the responsiveness of the handle especially from sizes 16 down and the way this impacted my painting experience.
  • The timber is slightly flexible which I had never experienced before in a brush and this translated to a real communication between the artist and the artwork. A real finese to mark making. Equally the larger sizes had a strong feeling in the hand whilst remaining beautifully balanced and connected to the painting. I had always felt the oposite with larger brushes from other brands.
  • "...I am extremely excited to recommend these brushes to all oil painters...:. Warwick Deane (artist).