5923 Da Vinci Maestro 2 Bristle Brush Filbert

The Maestro 2 Bristle Brush features interlocking natural long length hog bristles that extend deeply into the ferrule. This guarantees enduring elasticity, springiness and longevity. The interlocked method of brush-making also means that the brush has excellent colour holding capacity. The versitile filbert shape combines the advantages of flat and round brushes and are ideal for oil and acrylic painting. They have a beautiful long red transparent handles with black ends and rust resistant silver ferrules and feel great in the hand. Discover how da Vinci create their brushes CLICK HERE

Please see the images for a complete display of brush dimensions in millimetres. We stock the complete range of sizes in this range. Sizes that do not display in the dropdown menu are currently out of stock.

5923 Da Vinci Maestro 2 Bristle Brush Filbert



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