5587 Da Vinci Cosmotop Spin Sword Shape

This unique brush is popular for its water-holding capacity and excellent value in large sizes. They are fabulous for all liquid colours, especially for watercolour and silk painting, possessing a great absorption capacity and even colour application. The slanted edge is great free-hand lining and pin-striping, and will maintain a fine point, stable shape, and good spring. The Cosmotop range have a very smooth synthetic fibre mixture and water is visibly ‘drawn’ up the filament making them a perfect replacement for natural hair. Featuring a short red lacquered esagonal handle and rust resistant silver ferrule. Discover how da Vinci create their brushes CLICK HERE

Please see the images for a complete display of brush dimensions in millimetres. We stock the complete range of sizes in this range. Sizes that do not display in the dropdown menu are currently out of stock.

5587 Da Vinci Cosmotop Spin Sword Shape


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