1593TP Da Vinci Casaneo Travel Brush Synthetic

Designed for use with watercolour or fluid acrylics, the Casaneo line possesses unique, wavy fibres that designed to mimic Kazan squirrel hair and have amazingly high colour absorbing capacity. These brushes are excellent quality and designed for painting en plein air and when on the go, with the travel style protecting the brush from damage. The specialty synthetic hairs allow for smooth, elastic brush strokes and precise painting that comes to a perfect point or edge. They are excellent for watercolor, gouache, acrylic, silk painting, calligraphy and ink. Discover how da Vinci create their brushes CLICK HERE

Please see the images for a complete display of brush dimensions in millimetres. We stock the complete range of sizes in this range. Sizes that do not display in the dropdown menu are currently out of stock.

1593TP Da Vinci Casaneo Travel Brush Synthetic



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