13DPS Claessens Oil Primed Linen Super Fine Smooth Four Coat

Experts and internationally renowned artists alike appreciate the qualities of a Claessens canvas — an archival support of exceptional quality that enhances the creative process with its responsive and dependable surface. Created using traditional processes and exclusively from natural products every metre of canvas is truly unique in its appearance but always consistently beautiful to work on.
13DPS Claessens Oil Primed Linen Super Fine Smooth Four Coat


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Claessens linen canvas is made exclusively from natural materials that are grown, sorted, and processed with the greatest care. Claessens linen canvases are truly natural products, with small differences in their color, composition, and feel, which can occasionally lead to minute differences in the end result. These however from an artistic point of view make every canvas original and unique.

Claessens oil primed linen canvas is sized with synthetic glue to protect the fabric from acidic oils, and to lend rigidity to the canvas for ease of stretching. Next, it is primed with Zinc White pigment bound with linseed oil and placed into a drying room for three days to air-dry naturally. Then the canvas is sanded and a coating layer of Titanium White is applied. Finally, the canvas is placed into a drying room for an additional 10 days until it is completely dry.