066 Claessens Unprimed Linen

This is a beautiful Belgian Linen created using traditional manufacturing techniques with the highest quality raw materials. It provides a stable and archival surface to apply the desired surface treatment and priming to for any medium or creative application. Apply clear sizing or primer to utilise the raw tones of the linen to imbue your artwork with subtle harmonies.
066 is a medium to bold weave linen with a close weave providing great stability when stretched.
066 Claessens Unprimed Linen


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Claessens linen canvas is made exclusively from natural materials that are grown, sorted, and processed with the greatest care. Claessens linen canvases are truly natural products, with small differences in their color, composition, and feel, which can occasionally lead to minute differences in the end result. This is to be expected from a canvas made using traditional methods. Indeed, from an artistic and creative point of view, such small differences make each metre of Claessens Linen original and unique.